the onsite cut of a video output; popularly known as SDE

ONSITE CUT | same-day edit (SDE); 5 minutes+-


Includes posed, candid, and detailing shots using varied cinematic tools. All our wedding packages has this in the photo and video coverage inclusions.

There is also a same-day edit of the photographs c/o our wedding photography team.

All music tracks are licensed and are editor's choice. We prepare and qualify songs based on several factors such as couple's preferred genre, atmosphere of a specific scenario, and  overall mood,


Because weddings are a roller coaster of emotions, we do not limit the same-day-edit video to a single song, This is why the selection of music tracks are the editor's prerogative, so that we can adopt on-the-fly. We cannot properly convey an outburst of laughter and jubilation over a melancholic song, in the same manner, a tear-jerking moment won't jive well with a snappy song.


So, how do we do it? Watch the video below to see how we play through the dips and spikes of it.

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Weavers' Hitch Studios' photography and videography services are always primed with this inclusion. This cut (or "version" in layman's term) is the final edited copy of the full wedding film.


The film normally has a run-time of 30 minutes. It may be longer or shorter and this will highly depend on the following factors:

  • the amount of peaks and valleys of emotions that we find

  • the number of unique scenarios that naturally unfold

  • the length of relevant and essential verbiage

  • other recordings we deem necessary to encapsulate a profound story-line

The Final-Cut Highlights Video is a staple of our basic and premium wedding packages.


Watch the sample wedding film below and imagine your big day!

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