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Which Wedding Photo and Video Package is for You?

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Choosing the right package is similar to choosing the right partner. You consider aesthetics, financial factors, and longevity.

How Detailed Do You Want the Output?

We mind the business side of Weavers’ Hitch just as much as we mind the craft of photography and wedding film production. This is why we have created our photo and video coverage packages the way it is. Some clients need only basic outputs, some want them instantly, and others want a slew of things in the inclusions. What we are able to achieve by configuring our canned services this way is the flexibility of moving up or down our client’s budget without altering the quality. It all boils down to how detailed the client wants the output to be.

W101 (All the bare essentials submitted after the reception dinner)

If you want our outputs turned over to you on the same day, this is for you. Fantastic for weddings and debut parties.

This offer includes the basic service configuration of two photographers, three videographers, one onsite video editor, one onsite photo editor, and one to three logistics personnel, depending on the scope of the itineraries. If you're ultimately looking for quick outputs, mostly digital, and want everything on the same day, this is for you.

The services and formal assets include the following:

1.) Free 3-hour pre-nuptial pictorial with a free cinematic slideshow in .mp4 web-ready file (out-of-town-fees apply for venues outside our standard service area). If you wish to exchange this for something else, you can choose any one of the following: an 8x10 Desk Frame, 3-hour photo-booth-all-you-can, or two picture-pillows.

2.) We'll craft you a free flashback slideshow you can play during the reception program.

3.) At least 5 hours before the church ceremony / nuptial rites, we'll start the documentation of your big day - prep to reception.

4.) Same-day edit photo The best 200 snaps edited onsite, from which we'll handpick the best highlights and create your AVP to be played at the reception dinner.

5.) Same-day edit video The best highlights of your nuptial entire nuptials from prep to the first part of the reception program crafted into a 3-5 minute cinematic wedding film. This is also presented during the reception program.

6.) Same-day Printing We'll select 100 of the best pictures and print them onsite.

7.) Asset Box (see sample below) containing: > 100 pcs 4R loose prints > Portable Hard Drive containing digital files:

  • colored set 100 (artist's choice from prenup)

  • colored set 200 (onsite artist's selection from main event)

  • raw pictures from prenup and the nuptials day (.jpg file format)

  • onsite cut video (SDE/.mp4)

  • raw footage clips (native camera format)

Bear in mind though that this photo and video package does not yield a final cut (full coverage film). The outputs of W101 are all artist's final selection.

Sample Wooden Asset Box

Asset Box Sample

W102 (The standard and most common configuration)

Great for celebrations with about 150-200 guests hosted in a spectacular venue that offers breathtaking aerial views.

All the juice of W101 plus fantastic sky-high aerial shots, except for the prints, for which you'll get a 40 page 9x9 album and a 16x20 blow-portrait on canvas instead.

Is the celebration nestled in the heart of Balesin Island, or maybe in the cliff-side venues of Tagaytay City, or perhaps you'd like to showcase the grandeur of your venue from up top the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo with its magnificent man-made falls, or possibly, to just remember your best day from a different perspective? Whatever your reasons are, this package brings to you our aerial views that are nothing short of exquisite.

Post-wedding, you can choose the picture you like for your canvas blow-up. We'll also automatically create the layout of your album, all pages of it - cover to cover, and submit it to you for approval. You can change pictures as you like, and we will make recommendations based on our creative genius. Our albums are made of thick lay-flat PVC leaves covered with premium leather and stamped with your names and the date. The pages of the album and the canvas print are laminated with a layer of UV protection. Soon after your approval, these assets will be ready in just a jiffy.

Sample Leather-bound Cover

Sample full spread album

WD103 (Standard)

Nothing less than opulent presentations. Tell your story in your own words. Perfect for dream weddings gathering about 300 guests.

This is our "Chef's Recommendation" which includes all the lean tender meat of W102 but with a bigger album (10x10) and an exhibit-size portrait on canvas (20x30), plus, a save-the-date video, "Chapter One™" taping, and a prenup album; the latter can come in either standard layout or guest book style.

With the "Chapter One™" interview integrated into this photography and videography services package, we'll document your sweet lovers' adventure as you convey your story through your own words and also as it unfolds on the day you say I do. The final output is an audio-visual presentation on steroids - we'll use the materials from the prenup pictorial and shoot, and the flashback pictures which you'll provide, and the interview.

We'll need your whole day, about 8 hours, on your prenup schedule. Since we operate boutique style, we conduct these shoots Mondays through Wednesdays only, so be sure to file your leave of absence, as may be necessary. We'll conduct the photo and video portrait sessions in the morning, then do the interview in the afternoon. While we provide pointers to guide you, we wholeheartedly encourage out-of-the blue unscripted ramblings, banters, praises, sweet talk... the usual couple stuff.

If you're looking for an offert hat lets you tell your story in your own words, and presents the vastness of the pomp and splendor of everything you have put into place to make your big day a seriously memorable one, then this is the package for you.

Sample Blow-Up Portrait on Wall

Sample Canvas texture

Sample Blow-Up Print on Canvas

Check out other sample album layout.

Compare and Add Items

Here's a quick comparison chart to help you decide on your photo and video package.

Want more comprehensive inclusions? We have add-ons you can top-up with.

Some venues are really worth the aerial footage. Adding this will give your big day's story a vantage point that "uncle Bob" cannot produce. Not all our standard package offerings include this for the reason that we do not recommend this for all scenarios. We highly recommend this add-on if your venue is out-of-town or the area may have interesting facets or features that are worth flying for.

Parents' albums are another add-on you may want to consider. These are 6x6 versions of the primary wedding album. Couples usually order two books, one for each pair of parents.

Photo Booth is an add-on you may want to consider. Entertain your guests and let the outputs serve as souvenir items. Now you hit two birds with one stone!

Chapter One is an add-on that documents "how it all began" in interview format. Generally we integrate prenup materials if a session is included. Couples usually talk about how they found each other. Chapter One is also a fun way of telling your story through the revelations, banters, and cheers of your closest of friends and relatives.

With the advent of social media sharing, the Save-the-date video sometimes replaces the invitation cards.

For a complete list of available add-ons, visit our wedding rates page.

Ready to book or have some questions? Drop us a line or give us a call here.

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