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Wedding Photo and Video Coverage Packages

  • Essentials

    Wedding photography and cinematic filming w/ SDE video, album, and blow-up.

  • Gold

    Bigger wedding assets plus SDE photo, prenup pictorial, and aerial filming.

  • Platinum

    Includes ChapterOne™ Bundle, prenup photobook, & parents' albums.

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Cash Regular

10k upon booking

Full balance on wedding day

Spot Cash

5% discount

Full discounted amount upon booking

Credit Card

Full amount upon booking; straight payment via Paypal.

Terms & Modes of Payment


Save 5% with Spot-Cash booking. Cash payments may be made at the office, over meet-up, bank deposit, or electronic fund transfer.





For credit card payments, while the facility accepts only a straight charge, you can call your credit provider and request to convert the transaction into staggered payments at 0% interest. Most of the major credit card companies will process this for you.

Thank you for documenting and telling our story!!! I didn't realize you guys were taking down notes from day1... Makes me want to cry...

- Jackie Agbon, Bride

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"Extremely creative digital artisans and very corteous staff; we love these guys (because I looked so pretty and hubby so pogi in the SDE vid)! Thanks for the amazing, tear-jerking, and heart-warming SDE, crème-de-la-crème!"


- Hannah & Mike -


A lot of our guests praised your same day edit and said you're much better than the most popular ********, which covered our wedding last November 2017... We are excited to see the final products. Thank you very much!

- Mrs. Connie C. -

Mother of Groom




"All wedding splendors will fade and dematerialize,

almost as instantly as when the fancy lights are out,

but the photographs and film footage of your big day

will live with you through this lifetime."

- AntonUV -

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the onsite cut of a video output; popularly known as SDE

ONSITE CUT | same-day edit (SDE); 5 minutes+-


Includes posed, candid, and detailing shots using varied cinematic tools. All our wedding packages has this in the photo and video coverage inclusions.

There is also a same-day edit of the photographs c/o our wedding photography team.

All music tracks are licensed and are editor's choice. We prepare and qualify songs based on several factors such as couple's preferred genre, atmosphere of a specific scenario, and  overall mood,


Because weddings are a roller coaster of emotions, we do not limit the same-day-edit video to a single song, This is why the selection of music tracks are the editor's prerogative, so that we can adopt on-the-fly. We cannot properly convey an outburst of laughter and jubilation over a melancholic song, in the same manner, a tear-jerking moment won't jive well with a snappy song.


So, how do we do it? Watch the video below to see how we play through the dips and spikes of it.

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Weavers' Hitch Studios' photography and videography services are always primed with this inclusion. This cut (or "version" in layman's term) is the final edited copy of the full wedding film.


The film normally has a run-time of 30 minutes. It may be longer or shorter and this will highly depend on the following factors:

  • the amount of peaks and valleys of emotions that we find

  • the number of unique scenarios that naturally unfold

  • the length of relevant and essential verbiage

  • other recordings we deem necessary to encapsulate a profound story-line

The Final-Cut Highlights Video is a staple of our basic and premium wedding packages.


Watch the sample wedding film below and imagine your big day!

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Wedding Photography and Videography Services Full Descriptions


Basic-Raw Package

Designed for Xennial couples who want to prioritize digital copies over albums and blow-up prints on frame. All images, in both raw (off-cam .jpg not .cr2) and enhanced outputs (artist's selection of no less than 200 pics), are turned over with the final cut of the wedding film stored on a flash drive. This wedding package includes all the essentials of documenting and presenting the finest moments of your big day. Pre-nuptial shoot and aerial filming are not included but may easily be booked as a quick add-on items.

Here's what you get:


♥ 2 fully-equipped wedding photographers

♥ 2 professional video cameramen

♥ 2-3 logistics personnel


♥ On the day photo and video coverage (preparation, nuptial rites / church ceremony, and reception dinner.


♥ USB thumb-drive to store:

  • Sorted and sifted "raw" photos (in .jpg format)

  • 200 enhanced images (artist's choice)

  • Final Cut Highlights


♥ Flashback AVP



Basic-Lite Package

We configured the inclusions of Basic-Lite with the minimalist in mind. This is best for the groom and bride who need a basic photo and video coverage package but want to invest in tangible assets of memory that tells the story of their wedding day - No frills but filled with lots of romantic thrill.


Among the six wedding packages that we offer, this is a popular choice for those who work abroad.

Here's what you get:


♥ 2 well-trained wedding photographers

♥ 2 professional video shooters

♥ 2-3 assist crew


♥ Full documentation from the moment you say "Today is the day!", to when you commit your vows during the church ceremony / nuptial rites, to the moment you treat your guests to a sumptuous buffet at the reception dinner.


♥ Asset Box containing one-hundred 4R prints

♥ 12x18 Blow-up on Classic Frame

♥ One 16Gb Thumb Drive for all your digital assets

  • Raw images (in .jpg)

  • Colored set 200 (artist's selection of  200 edited photos)

  • 30-minute Final Cut Highlights wedding film (,mp4)


♥ Flashback AVP



Basic-Classic Package

Nostalgic of the 80's, okay perhaps even the 90's, you can't be that old right? Here's a classic bundle - solid configuration just like in the old times, except the outputs don't come in negative films but .jpg and .mp4 formats.


♥ 2 highly skilled wedding photographers

♥ 2 professional cameramen

♥ 2-3 team-aides


♥ Photography and filming of preparation, profile and beauty shots, church ceremony, formals, and reception


♥ 40-page Basic 10x10 Leather-bound Album

♥ 16x20 Portrait Blow-up on Canvas

♥ One 16Gb USB Drive containing:

  • Raw images (in .jpg)

  • Colored set 200 (edited artist's selection of 200 photos)

  • 30-minute Final Cut Highlights Video (,mp4)


♥ Flashback AVP



Package W101

This premium photo and video services package for weddings offers an end-to-end on-the-day only documentation.

With a 3-cam shooter configuration filming every hour from set-up, we capture more emotions, get more vantage points, and present more perspectives.

This bundle also includes an Onsite Photo presentation. Similar to the Same-day Edit  video, we gather roughly 100-150 of the best shots taken from the preparation, nuptial rites, pre and post-ceremony portrait sessions, and perhaps a few from the reception to include your grand entrance during the dinner introduction. We edit and round them up to a finely crafted photo slideshow presented towards the end of the reception program.

Here's what you get:


♥ 3 seasoned wedding photographers to document every moment

♥ 3 professional wedding videographers to film your big day

♥ 1 onsite video editor

♥ 3-4 logistics personnel


♥ End-to-end documentation

Same-day edit video presentation

♥ Onsite edit photo presentation


♥ 40-page Premium 9x9 Couple's Album

♥ 32Gb flash drive where we will load the following:

  • Raw pictures

  • Colored set 200 (edited photos)

  • Final Cut Highlights Wedding Film (30 minutes run-time) (.mp4)

  • Onsite cut video/SDE (5-mins) (.mp4)

  • Onsite picture slideshow (3-5mins run-time)


♥ Flashback AVP

♥ Premium free item (Subject to availability of special offer(s) posted for the current month, please check the promo board)



Package W102

W102 is configured with the classic inclusions of a premium wedding photo and video coverage package. Except for the addition of a flying drone we use for aerial videography (which is more millennial than quintessential), this one is the standard.


Recommended for out-of-town weddings with venues that offer spectacular views from the skies. W102 is one of our frequently-booked wedding packages that have put much joy in the hearts of our couples in the last 8 years.

If you're looking for a package that has all the conventional inclusions plus a tad bit more, well then here's what you're looking for.


♥ 3 professional wedding photographers

♥ 3 videographers (3-cam video set-up + drone)

♥ 1 onsite video editor

♥ 1 same-day photo editor

♥ 3-4 logistics personnel


W102 is configured with extensive photography and videography services that include the following:

♥ Prenup pictorial (3 hours)

♥ Wedding day aerial filming of your venues

♥ Photo and video documentation of preparation, nuptial rites / ceremony, and reception program

Same-day edit video presentation

♥ Onsite edit picture slideshow


♥ One 10x10 Premium Wedding Album - 40pp

♥ One 16x20 blow-up on canvas

♥ 32Gb USB Flash Drive containing digital outputs:

  • Sifted and sorted raw shots

  • Colored set 200 (edited photos)

  • Onsite Cut video/SDE (5 minutes) (.mp4)

  • Wedding Film (Final Cut Highlights of 30 minutes) (.mp4)

  • Onsite photo slideshow (3-5mins run-time)


♥ Flashback AVP

♥ Premium free item (Subject to availability of special offer(s) posted for the current month, please check the promo board)​​



Package W103

W103 is best for weddings that want more flare - crème de la crème, ne plus ultra. This photo and video coverage package includes a cinematic save-the-date video and Chapter One - a pre-nuptial interview session which lets the couple, through their own words, stories of friends and families, tell their love story from their perspective.

If you love "fireworks", big bang presentations, the praises and playful banters of friends, and the endearing thoughts of your loved ones, all coming into play to create a smorgasbord of emotions conveyed through jaw-dropping, heart-warming, and tear-jerking videos and slideshows; if you are drawn to the dazzling flicker of lights and are a big fan of "shining shimmering splendid", look no further, this package is for you.

​This set includes the following manpower and tangible assets of memories.


♥ 3 wedding photographers (1 chief and 2 creative snipers) 

♥ 3 cinema auteurs (A-Roll, creative B-Roll, drone pilot & cam #3)

♥ 2 onsite editors for the SDE (onsite picture slideshow &  onsite cut video)

♥ 3-4 logistics personnel to transport and assist the team


♥ Chapter One (one whole day prenup pictorial, video shoot, interview)

♥ Crafting of 30-sec Save-the-date video

♥ Aerial filming on wedding day

♥ Comprehensive photography and videography services covering on-the-day preparation activities, portrait sessions, ceremony, post-nuptial portraits, and reception dinner program.

Same-day edit video presentation

♥ Onsite edit picture slideshow


♥ One 12x12 forty-page Premium Wedding Album

♥ Two 6x6 Basic Parents' Albums

♥ One 20x30 blow-up on canvas

♥ One 10x8 Prenup album (20 pages)

♥ 32Gb USB Flash Drive containing digital outputs

  • Copy of save-the-date video (also posted on web-based social media platforms)

  • Raw pictures (.jpg; sifted and sorted)

  • Colored set 200 (artist's choice of 200 images edited)

  • Onsite Cut video/SDE (5mins run-time) (.mp4)

  • Final Cut Highlights video (30 minutes run-time) (.mp4)

  • Onsite photo slideshow (3-5mins run-time)


♥ Two 2-fold leather folio

♥ Premium free item (Subject to availability of special offer(s) posted for the current month, please check the promo board)​​





*Rates below are bundle prices only.

(Top-up to any Weavers' Hitch Studios' photo and video coverage packages)

For stand-alone job orders, please contact us.

Aerial Videography Bundle

Awesome filming of sky-high establishing shots, great even for portrait sessions for that unique cinematic angle.

P7,000.00 per event, per day

Infrared (IR) Photography Bundle

Inclusive of spectrum editing

and one 16x20 blow-up on Canvas

PhP12,000.00 per event per day

Photo Booth Bundle

3 hours photo-booth-all-you-can

Multiple prints per cycle / 4R prints / standard cycle / ReadyTarp


Pre-event Pictorial

(Prenup / Pre-debut)

3 hours Location Shoot

Includes Photographs Slideshow

Bundle Price: PhP7,000.00

Stand-Alone Rate: P10,000.00

Pre-event Video

(Prenup / Pre-debut)

3 hours Location Shoot

Includes Save-the-date cut (30-60 second video)

and OBB cut played at the reception before entry of celebrant(s)

Bundle Price: PhP10,000.00

Stand-Alone Rate: P14,000.00

Prenup / pre-debut Album

10x8; 20pages

(Available in Album and Guest Dedication formats)


Chapter One

Pre-event interview integrated with flashback photos or/and prenup pictures/video (as applicable) and crafted into a 3-5 minute AVP.

3-cam config.

Bundle Price: PhP15,000.00

Stand-Alone Rate: P20,000.00

Chapter One Bundle

8 hours location shoot on single schedule.

Includes pre-event pictorial, video portraits shoot, and interview. Portrait session outputs are integrated into Chapter One.

Includes 30-sec save-the-date video.

This is the perfect pre-event add-on to your photo and video package.

Bundle Price: PhP24,000.00

Stand-Alone Rate: P30,000.00

Blow-Up Portraits:

Classic Frame Plexiglass

11x14: PhP2,500.00
12x18: PhP3,000.00
16x20: PhP3,500.00


16x20: PhP3,000.00
20x30: PhP4,000.00


Desktop Frame

6x6 or 7x5: PhP800.00
: PhP1,000.00

Parents' Album

6x6 40pp: P5,000.00

6x6 Premium 40pp: P6,000.00

Additional Wedding Photographer


Pricing for all the wedding packages detailed above, rates of add-on items, and all photography and videography services fees are subject to change without further notice.

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