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About Us

The name "Weavers' Hitch" was derived from a type of knot - Sheet Bend, which ties together two different types of ropes in such a way that the two ropes will function as one without breaking the knot loose. This is a metaphor for a man and a woman, each with different personalities, traits, and culture, coming together as one as they join hearts in marriage. Or it may also be strings of stories of one person or a collective group, such as a company, knotted together to form one cohesive character. Whichever it is, we simply weave the stories of our clients by crafting photos and videos into a presentable asset of memory.

Managed by a husband-and-wife-tandem, we have been in operations since 2011. Our core business is providing photographic services, particularly in the weddings and events market space.

We aim to continuously provide affordable and competitively priced photography and videography packages by forming special alliances with our suppliers and keeping together an excellent team and harnessing their skills to weave together solid outputs that exhibit life-milestones.

Mentored by world-renowned artists in the photographic and cinema industry, we finely craft for our clients artwork treasures that we capture today and wows the heart tomorrow.


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